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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011

As we enter the kala ghoda arts festival, we are confronted with a sign saying “zara sochiye” i.e. “think for a while” and thats exactly what this festival does to us..It makes us think.. There are exhibitions, workshops, various performances, … Continue reading

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Back from GroundZero : Egypt..

Back from Egypt yesterday morning.. ideally I should be telling you how wonderful Egypt is, the architecture, the culture, the all-so-interesting history of Egypt that I got to enjoy in the first few days of my trip. But all that … Continue reading

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Mahalaxmi Saras Exhibition Cum Sale 2011

I had been to the mahalaxmi saras exhibition cum sale yesterday..Craftsmen from all over India had put up their beautiful creations..From Rajasthan, Punjab, Orissa, Kerala, Gujrat, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Tripura, West Bengal, Kashmir, Uttar name it and the states were … Continue reading

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George Carlin

 George Carlin is rightly known as “The Thinking Man’s Comic”.. He is one comedian who makes me think while also making me laugh at his acts full of witticisms.. He might seem a bit critical but then some issues … Continue reading

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Yesterday while randomly going through the maps of the countries visiting my blog, I came across this new map on the list. What caught my attention was that it has a very interesting colourful flag. Some visitor from Seychelles had somehow … Continue reading

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Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich-Ellis is an American legal clerk and environmental activist. I came across this enigmatic personality through a very nicely made movie based on her.The movie starring Julia Roberts shows how the unemployed and single mother of three had fought … Continue reading

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Russell Peters

    Russell Peters is one of my favourite comedians. His jokes are really just observations on various races and cultures, some true and some not-so-true, some harsh put in a way that tickles our funny bone. I love the … Continue reading

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