Yesterday while randomly going through the maps of the countries visiting my blog, I came across this new map on the list. What caught my attention was that
it has a very interesting colourful flag. Some visitor from Seychelles had
somehow landed on my blog. I was intrigued to know abt Seychelles and googled it up. I would take this opportunity to write about this country.
Just as I typed Seychelles on google images and hit enter I came across the
most magnificent sandy beaches and turquoise seas. Seychelles is an island
country spanning 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. I found out that it has many
national parks protecting whales, sharks and cramp fishes and is also a home to
giant tortoises and sea turtles.
Apart from being a tourist destination, this place has also been a lookout for
authors like Ian Fleming(the author of The James BOnd) to indulge in writing.
Whats more interesting is it was once a pirates hideout(now that is interesting
to me because I have been influenced by Captain Jack Sparrow- Johnny Depp big time)
and we can visit Anse Forbans that literally means pirates cove..aye aye!
Reading about Seychelles makes me want to take a walk on the beaches, watch the
waves hit the shore, the clear blue sky and sun reflecting off the waters in
brilliant colours. I would love to visit this place someday.

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3 Responses to Seychelles

  1. sumit says:

    Nice Background created !!

    Seychelles is looking amazing place. We have to go there soon for catch some sharks. Make plan soon.

  2. angie says:

    hi there, i also have a new friend in wayn and she is from seychelles. i have heard of this country before but i never knew where it is in the map so i googled it now and your site’s photo caught my attention. really nice place…i am reminded too about our very own boracay here in the philippines although it is more urbanized and commercialized now. but we have lovely beaches too in siquijor and mindoro, relatively deserted places and camotes island, the homeland of my deceased parents. hehe so sorry for the plugging.

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